Days like these...

This was not a 'easy-road' expedition.  We took the hard road, the dangerous road, the crazy-eyed "how are we gonna get out of this" road.


A look at some of the most memorable moments of the original 2007 expedition

G4G Mongolia (28)

Overland Cycling

A look at some of the more adventurous cycling expeditions we have lead and joined in recent years

Driving around the world...

This is the journal of an incredible journey.  One that began with a choice to turn a negative situation into a positive one.  My name is Daniel, and at 24 years old, I made the decision to drive around the world.  This website contains my story, and how I made it happen.

Growing up in the countryside, freedom for me, was at first a bicycle, then it was a train, but finally it became a motor vehicle.  To me, it represented boundless travel, the ability to go anywhere you wanted.  To visit friends, travel huge distances, cross borders, and even live in a vehicle.

At 24 years old, I was just like most young adults, not sure what I wanted to do or be.  I worked in the family business, and had recently moved into my own place.  I thought I was doing well, but that was where the trouble started.

One fateful night, out with friends, my life was thrown into flux.  In the year of recovery time, I lost faith in human nature, and gave in to a deep fear.  Fast forward a year, and the police had successfully taken my attackers to court.  I needed to restore my faith in people, and to reclaim the year that was lost.

Join me through the blogs, to discover how the expedition came together and ultimately travelled around the world.

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Expedition Journal

Throughout the expedition, I kept a daily journal, what started as a simple diary, became the story of a wild and exciting adventure, meeting new friends and learning life lessons.