Our Story

The Lone Wolf Transglobal Expedition took place in 2007, and was an overland journey, around the world in a very special Land Rover Defender Wolf XD.

From expedition plans that began as a dream, the project grew into something much more.  Very quickly taking on a life and purpose of its own, the team discovered that perhaps we could make a difference.

The mission changed, and this overland adventure became a way of showing the world that we are all the same,  we want to live in peace.  Regardless of race, religion or situation, this is one world, one life, one journey.

Meet the Expedition Team

A project as ambitious as driving around the world, cannot be acheived alone.  These are the incredible people without whom the expedition would never have succeeded.


Daniel Moylan

Expedition Leader

Daniel is the project leader.  He prepared  and drove the Wolf for the full expedition in 2007. He has been on many expeditions since, in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  Daniel is now MD of a well known adventure travel company in Asia, where he is based full time.


Nee Lodthon

Asia Specialist & Navigator

Nee joined the expedition in her native home of Thailand, travelling through South East Asia as navigator and translator.   She became the love of Daniels life, and after teh expedition they married, and now have 3 children.

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Rowan Brown


Rowan is Daniel's cousin, and long term travelling partner.  He is an amazing and gifted chef, and brought a culinary element to the expedition.  Rowan & Gabby, travelled from UK to Pakistan with the Expedition, and later joined again for a while in South East Asia.

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Nick Moylan


Nick joined the expedition from USA to Guatemala, and was there for some of the best expedition adventures.  A BsC in Avionics, he brings tech expertise, and great spirit to the expedition team.  When not designing defence systems, he is an officer in the British Army.

Lone Wolf (1)

The Wolf

Land Rover Wolf XD 300Tdi 

'The Wolf'  began as a mode of transport, but soon became a member of the team.  This incredible piece of British engineering became invaluable, from it's pure strength and capability, to its character.  Without the Wolf we would not have made it!


Amy Moylan

Planning & Legal

Amy is a qualified solicitor, and Nick's wife.  She brought her expertise to bear on much of the planning and document prep for the original expedition, and now serves as a trusted advisor.  Amy joined the expedition for USA and Mexico legs.  These days she loves runnig & travel.


Oliver Moylan

Creative & Web

Oliver is the glue of the team, joining the route from USA to Mexico.  He was instrumantal in the website creation, and regular updates.  His can do attitude and warm personality lead to to some adventurous encounters, especially in Mexico!

321 Gabby Driving on the way to Shiraz

Gabrielle Oug

Lonely Planet Larry

Gabby is a Norwegian, and as such is organised and disciplined, As another long term travel partner of Daniel, she has always assumed the role of planner and reasearcher, earning the nickname Lonely Planet Larry!

Expedition Journal

Throughout the expedition, I kept a daily journal, what started as a simple diary, became the story of a wild and exciting adventure, meeting new friends and learning life lessons.