17th Mar – Laos to Bangkok, Thailand

(Daniel) After a short flight to Bangkok, I checked into Pra Arthit Mansions again, and then booked a forward flight to Kuala Lumpur for tomorrow with Air Asia. With my admin sorted out, I took a walk around town to explore on foot. Having no phone I have now lost the numbers of my friends in Bangkok, (so if any of them are reading this my new Thai number is 085 058 2511, send me a text with your numbers or something please.)

My father is Irish, and my mother was part Irish, so I guess I could say that I have more Irish blood than anything else. I also travel on an Irish Passport. Today is St Paddy’s, and so I went looking for a place to enjoy a pint of Guinness. After a short search, I found a new bar and restaurant called Papillion on Pra Arthit street. They didn’t know who the Dubliners are, but serve the best fish and chips in town. Don’t expect much competition on the Connect 4 front though, I whooped them all night!

When I get to Kuala Lumpur, I plan to buy a new camera and phone.