27th Feb – Bangkok/ Decision to travel to Laos

(Daniel) Well, that didn’t take long! I have met a few friends here, and they are heading to Laos. I had planned to travel around, but this is a good opportunity and as such I have decided to keep moving. Since visiting around 5 years ago, Laos remains another favourite country of mine.  The sparsely populated jungled and mountainous country is pure adventure and with the language being quite similar to Thai, it opens up the region to me, and makes travel there very exciting.  It is also one of the most chilled out places, and if I want to rest and recuperate, that is as good a spot as any. Our plan is to head to Vientiane, then take the bus route Northwards via Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang. I will try to take photos of the adventures and summarise these on my journey to collect the Wolf in a couple of weeks