Germany & Bushcamping…

 After waking, and showering, we drove down to the market and picked up some extra supplies.  We loaded up into the wolf, and headed into Germany.

I really wasn’t prepared, and nor was the sat nav, for the giant “spiders web” of roads that Germany is intersected by.  It blew the Garmin’s mind, and so we drove a very long route to Düsseldorf before discovering this, and then switching to manual navigation.  After this discovery, we got a good few miles under the belt.  The Wolf doesn’t really like any speed over 68mph, however she certainly keeps trucking along at that speed!  I wonder how we would progress if it wasn’t for that uprated intercooler which I had fitted. All the German drivers which we passed, no, scratch that, passed us, looked amazed by the setup.

We drove until it got dark, and then somehow decided that this was a good night to test our skills at finding and setting up a bushcamp.  After a short recce, our search turned up a holiday park, with cycle tracks all over it, so we headed up one of these and parked in the trees a short way into the forest.  I was very apprehensive, but the others just jumped out, set up the kitchen and started cooking some German sausages that we picked up earlier.  The sausages were great, and over dinner we discussed our plan if someone comes and finds us!  That night we all slept in the rooftent, and had a great laugh planning the next few weeks itinerary.

In the morning I awoke first, and stepped out into te still dark forest.  However, it was only a few seconds before a man with a dog came over with a torch.  I called out “Good morning”, to which he replied the same, and asked why we were here.  I told him that we had been driving by and needed to sleep, so he was happy enough and went on his way.  The others got up then, and Rowan heated some coffee.

Distance driven 495km

Meals Eaten — Tomato & Cheese Sandwiches, Bratwurst & Sauerkraut with Apple and Beer Sauce.

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